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Noblesville’s Different Architectural Roof Style Choices

architectural roof styles

When building a home it’s necessary to decide among other things, the architectural roof style that you want to have. They will each have their own unique look and will be suitable for various styles of homes and neighborhoods. Here we will take a look at 5 of the most common architectural roof style choices available.

Most Common Architectural Roof Style

architectural roof styles

Here we will take a look at 5 of the most common architectural roof style choices available.

1. Gambrel Roof

Gambrel Roof 



This types of roof is essentially a gable roof that has two pitches. The roof line has a steeper pitch and the lower section slopes off gently. These are often thought of as barn like roofs because it’s the same or similar style used on traditional barns throughout America. This type of roof is commonly used on Dutch colonial homes.



2. Saltbox Roof

saltbox roof


This is a very distinctive style as one side is much shorter than the other. It has one side that is very long and then it comes to the peak and the other side is much shorter. This design is often to protect against the weather in certain areas of the country where this style is most suitable for that purpose. It gets its name from the fact that its design is similar to that of the storage boxes built by colonists that were used to store salt.


3. Jerkinhead Roof

jerkinhead roof



This style of roof is a popular style but the name which it goes by is less popular. Often people misunderstand and think that it’s a bad word but actually this is one of the more commonly seen roof styles throughout the US. This roof style uses a Hipped Gable but instead of going up to a point which is typical for a Gable, this style is clipped short and turns downward. This roof style is also known by the name half hipped roof.




4. Hipped Roof

Hipped Roof


This is a commonly seen roof style that goes to the peak on all four sides and is slanted as well, on all four sides. On the ends of the house, the angle of the roof is similar to the shape of a pyramid. Then the front and back are wide but similarly angled shape. This style of roof will typically form a ridge at the very top and it’s common for a roofer to install a vent along this ridge. This style of roof comes from French Creole sensibility. For this reason, you will often see this style in and around New Orleans.


5. Side Gable Roof

Side Gable Roof



This might well be the most popular roof style of all. One of the reasons for this is that it not only looks good but is one of the easiest to build. The roof is formed on the front and back of the house with the framing of the house on each side. A Cape Cod would be one of the styles of homes that would commonly use this roof style.



Coincide With The House Style

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The style of the roof will commonly coincide with the house style and the area in which the home is being built. The homeowner’s personal taste is, of course, a consideration. Any of these roofs can be suitable for a home and so it really is a matter of style and choice.

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