Corrugated Metal Roof Panels

Corrugated Metal Roof Panels Can Be Used To Cover Diverse Structures

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Roofing is an essential for protecting buildings from the ill effects of weather, and corrugated metal roofing is an alternative that is in extensive use. The panels can be used over large buildings and do not add much to the weight of the roof, thus allowing for lighter roof structures.

Corrugated metal roof panels come in different shapes and sizes and it is these corrugations that give the panels additional stiffness and allow them to span larger distances. Corrugations can be in the form of waves or have a squarer configuration that is known as Trafford. These metal roofs have a high resistance to wind and rain and all outdoor conditions. The greatest advantage of metal roofing is that it can be recycled and reused, and requires very little maintenance throughout its long life.

Metal Roofing Can Be Galvanized Or Coated

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Metal roofing can be galvanized or coated to give it extended life and prevent it from rusting. Any metal exposed to the weather will corrode and this coating or galvanizing can help to retard this process. You can also buy corrugated metal roof panels in a number of colors and this allows them to fit in with any architectural roof design. Metal roofing is very commonly used over industrial structures. These roofs can get hot and it is necessary that proper arrangements are made for ventilation to create comfortable working conditions. It is also possible to get these panels with insulation and such panels can be seen in the walls and roofs of cold storages.

Corrugated metal sheets are made in definite lengths and widths and to cover a roof. Adjacent panels are overlapped to a certain width or length so that it forms a continuous surface. A single corrugation is overlapped in width while 6 to 9 inches is overlapped in length. It is also customary to allow the metal sheets to overhang the eaves portion so that any rain or snow runoff will not run down walls. It is also possible to install gutters at these edges so that any rain runoff is properly guided down to drains and other devices.

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While fixing these metal corrugated the holes through which screws or nails are fixed must be on the ridges of the corrugations, so that rain water can run down easily. It is customary to use felt or other washers on these fixtures so that the holes get sealed and do not become a point of ingress for rain water.

It is important to know accurately the position of purlins that will support the roofing panels, so that holes, that are often pre-drilled are in the correct location. J Hooks and other types of fixtures enable the sheet to be fixed firmly to the sheet and purlins.

It is often necessary to install ridges or metal caps over places where metal roofing meets at an angle. These are made from plain metal sheets and can also be shaped to fit over corrugations. Metal roofing can be used to cover almost any sort of structure.


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Metal Roofing

Understanding The Various Metal Roofing Options Available

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The term having a roof over your head is actually more literal than figurative since it refers to provision of shelter. It is an important structure for a home to have which is why one should select the best roofing option available in the market. You should ensure that the roof is resistant to weather conditions experienced around your house. It should also be durable in order to withstand the different conditions exposed to it over the seasons.

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You should therefore, do a thorough search as to what system meets your needs. Metal roofing provides numerous options and designs to choose from making them very popular in the market. There are different metal panel systems available for choice and can actually be customized to meet your specific desires when it comes to things like color and structure. The various systems available in the market include:

Corrugated Metal Roof Panels

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Corrugated Metal Panels

It has a natural shape which gives it a structural advantage over other roofing systems. The consistent corrugation lines have made it very popular with architects and builders. The accent roofs are popular since they give an additional element of attraction to an asphalt roof. This roofing option is very durable and provides excellent protection from external conditions.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

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Standing Seam Metal Panels

A standing rib roof has a flat surface from where a seam is vertically extended. Additional support and rigidity are provided by the seam making it suitable for commercial and residential applications. The standing seam metal panels have long sleek lines that can be run over long single solo runs over purlin systems.

The panels come with either concealed or hidden fasteners. These refer to screws, nails or clips that are concealed from view on the roof. The advantage of hidden fasteners over exposed is that they are not exposed to weather and do not involve puncturing the panel. It is more focused on offering an appealing look.

Rusted Metal Roofing

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This system started out as a way of allowing metal to shield itself without requiring paint. Commonly referred to as Corten steel, it is based on a principle where the rusting procedure seals in protecting the base layer below it. A Corten roof provides a distinctive look to homeowners making it a favorite for residential applications.

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Rusted Metal Roofing


Curved Metal Roofing

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Curved Metal Roof

Also referred as radius metal panels, it involves a Radius Machine slowly curving a roofing panel at given points until the required radius is formed. It provides a unique style as to how metal roofs can be made. It is an addition to the flat roofing systems previously used and provides that special finishing touch to a residential or commercial establishment.

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Metal roofs have a long lifespan which is why selecting the right type is important. Service providers even offer warranties of up to 50 years proving just how durable and reliable they are. They also help reduce utility bills by reflecting heat during the summer. They can be painted over by reflective colors such as white. Another advantage is its lightweight capability which helps preserve the structural integrity of old or large buildings. A distinct disadvantage of using a metal roof is the noise it creates during rain.


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Metal Roof Panels

What You Need to Know About Metal Roof Panels

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The metal roofs have been in existence for many years and are still popular for buildings such as warehouses, old barns, mountain homes, lake house and schools. Today many of the custom homes feature full metal-roofs that help them to stand out when compared to other homes in a neighborhood. Over and above their beauty and uniqueness, metal roof panels offer a number of other factors that are appealing for a variety of business or home owners.

Metal Roof Panels Compared to Other Types of Roofing Materials




Perhaps one of the main benefits of metal roof panels when compared to other types of roofing materials would have to be longevity. However, the biggest enemy of bare metal would have to be rust. But inventions of galvanized and Galvalume coatings which are made up of zinc or aluminum or combination of both has significantly increased the abilities of steel to fight rust. In addition, specialized engineered paint-systems now allow the manufacturers to offer outstanding 40 to 50 year warranties.

Energy Efficiency

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Metal of steel roof panels are regarded as more efficient when compared to other standard roofing materials like asphalt roof shingles. Steel roofing is categorized for its energy efficiency under what is known as “Radiant Heat Block” and under the subcategory of “Solar Reflectivity.” While the asphalt shingles are known for absorbing radiant hear, physical properties associated with metal cause radiant heat that comes from the outside in the summer months or from the inside during the winter months to bounce-off the metal roof panels.


One of the other reasons that metal panels are able to last for so long has to do with durability. Metal by nature is a very hard substance, and metal roofing is highly recommended for hail-prone areas due to its significant impact-resistance along with the hurricane zones due to its exceptional wind-resistance. Strength of metal roof panels is typically associated to the thickness that is measured in gauges. This means that the lower numbers means the thicker the metal. For example, a 28 gauge will be heavier than a 29 gauge while a 24 gauge is heavier than a 26 gauge. It is important when investing in a metal roof to find out about the thickness of the panels to ensure you are using a superior product.



Other benefits associated with the steel roof panel are that it includes an architectural look, clean lines along with vibrant colors. This is the reason that metal roofing have grown in popularity for a number of homeowners. They are attracted to the unique look that can appear to be classic or modern.

Environmentally Friendly

Over and above the fact that steel or metal roofs are made to last for a lifetime, in contrast to the other types of roofing materials that are made out of toxic materials such as asphalt roof shingles which cannot be re-purposed, metal roofs are made from 100% recyclable materials. For this reason choosing a metal roof for your new home is definitely considered a responsible choice.


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