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Different Types of Roofs Fishers IN

types of roofs fishers in
Types of Roof Fishers IN

Are there types of roofs that I can be used in my home? What are they different ability? What are the advantages and disadvantages of those?

Here is some idea that can answer your questions, and hope that this would help you. There are different types of roofs that we can use in our home. Here are some of them

Types of Roofs That We Can Use in Our Home

Stone Roof Fishers IN 

Stone Roof Fishers IN
Stone Roof Fishers IN


A stone roof or also known as slate shingles, look great on a variety of different home styles. Stone can last for 100 to 150 years. These shingles also rate high in regards to fire resistance, boasting a higher rating than every other roofing materials except for metal. The disadvantages of this are extremely heavy and can add extra weight to a roof when installing. Also the cost and maintenance, As slate varies in color from rock to rock, homeowners may have a hard time finding new shingles that match the color of their existing shingles later.



Concrete Roof Fishers IN 

Concrete roof is made from a mixture of sand, stone, and cement. When combined with water, the mixture hardens into a single shaped stone. This hardened mixture is incredibly durable and can withstand severe wind and rainstorms. Quality concrete tiles that have been properly installed by an expert roofer can last an estimated 30 to 50 years or longer.  When it comes to maintenance, a real shingles were easy to care for and to maintain the structure. The disadvantage of this is the same as stone roof it’s also heavy, and because these roofs are so thick, they are more used on new buildings. The concrete materials themselves can be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Clay Tile Roof Fishers IN

Clay Tile Roof Fishers IN
Clay Tile Roof Fishers IN

Clay tiles are an attractive alternative for homeowners who are looking to spice up the appearance of their roof while maintaining the integrity and durability of their home. It is the oldest and the most used type of roofing.  A well cared for the ceiling of this type can last for over 100 years. Despite the advantages of clay tiles they also have disadvantages. One of those is that professionals can only install it. They require many roofing materials, and it would be more costly.


Thatch Roof Fishers IN 

Thatch is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, Heather, or palm fronds, layering the vegetation to shed water away from the inner roof.  A roof thatched with water grass will last approximately 70 years with very little maintenance. The ridge will need to be reworked every 10 to 20 years. If you care about our environment, then a thatched roof could be a greener solution for your roofing needs. This is also naturally waterproof. The lifespan of it is relatively long, especially if it is made of high-grade synthetic materials with proper maintenance and care. You can also decorate your thatched roofing shelter with furniture made of other renewable resources such as bamboo and palm which go best with tropical and exotic settings.


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