What To Look For When Hiring A Roofer

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Finding the right candidate for a roofing job isn’t always an easy task for many. Although there may be many potential candidates for the job, identifying the best out of a bunch of them is the tricky part. Nevertheless, knowing just what to look for in a roofer, and where to find one can help make the hiring process a breeze.

Factors To Consider When Looking for the Right Roofing Contractors

roofing companies


Some of the important factors to consider when looking for a roofer to hire include:

1. Training and Certification

While training is essential, the roofer needs to be certified by a relevant body to be eligible for any roofing job.  You can check with the local licensing body for the certifications to look for in a roofer. Some of the best roofers in the industry are members of the roofing association and can produce the relevant certifications as proof. This could be a job ID or a certificate.

2. Experience

roofing companies

While some newbies may be good at their job, hiring an experienced roofer assures you of a much higher quality job. Any roofer with at least 5 years of experience in the field is better qualified for the job than a newbie. It is also with the several years in the field that he/she can pick a few tricks on how to ensure a roof is installed correctly, hence offer better value for money.

3. Workers Compensation and Insurance

Roofing project is one of the most dangerous jobs out there.  The contractor could be injured while on your property, or cause damage unwillingly.  Ensuring the contractor is under a worker’s compensation plan or with an insurance cover. The insurance policy should cover injuries and damaged caused too. Contractors with such should be given top preference over those that don’t.


4. References

Just because one says he/she is an experienced roofer doesn’t mean you should take their word for it. Have each candidate produce at least 4 referees you can contact to ascertain their workmanship. The referees can be indicated in the portfolio or on their website. Take some time to contact these referees to see what the contractor can do, and what to expect from him/her.

5. Communication Skills

A good contractor should have excellent communication skills too. The contractor should be able to air out his/her views on the contract, areas, where he feels, can be adjusted to make the project a success. Without proper communication, the contractor would only work with what he/she has at hand, which may not be enough. Excellent communication skills also make it possible to negotiate the terms, as well as pricing different roofing jobs like roof repair costs, roof replacement cost, cost of a new roof, roofing materials. etc.

6. Contract

The roof is one of the biggest investments in any house. For this reason, you shouldn’t just have a gentleman’s agreement on what needs/should be done. In addition to asking for a service guarantee and warranty, have all the specifications and agreements put in writing. The contract should protect both you and the contractor should the worst happen.
Candidates that pass all the qualifications outlined above should be able to provide a high-quality job. Be sure to follow your gut feeling when making the final decision.


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