Dimensional Shingles

Understanding The Advantages Of Dimensional Shingles


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Almost everyone who has a home is familiar with asphalt shingle roofing tiles but when you use the term dimensional shingles many people are confused and are unsure what they are. This type is very similar to asphalt shingles but is laminated. Homeowners think because they’ve never heard of this type of roof that perhaps it’s something that’s new. Actually, it’s been around for several years.

Very Stylish

dimensional shingles

With this type of roof, there are more choices over its look, colors, and it has great style. The traditional asphalt shingle has its good points but it’s very basic and it has no real style to it. But this type of laminated shingle is stunningly eye catching. One of the big things that will immediately stand out is the fact that asphalt shingles have the tabs regularly spaced giving it a very repetitive look. But the dimensional shingles have two layers that are bonded to each other and this, in turn, gives it a much more three-dimensional look.

These laminated shingles have a number of useful aspects but one of their primary purposes is to give the tired old look of asphalt shingles a new modern three-dimensional look. Their whole design was based around the idea that homeowners wanted something that worked well but also looked great.

What Is The Cost?


The cost will depend on a number of factors and some of those factors include the life expectancy and how long of a warranty that you want. Some of the choices on these types of roof shingles are a 25-year roof and a 30-year roof which are the most popular. 40-year and 50-year roofs are also available but are on the higher end of the price range.


The way in which these shingles are made, they provide greater protection against certain types of weather conditions such as high winds and hail. They are rated for up to 130 mile per hour winds. These type of shingles can be made to last up to 50 years although the 40 and 50-year roofs are a little more pricey than the more commonly ordered 25 and 30-year roofs.

These shingles are significantly less likely to warp and they are significantly more attractive and come in a variety of roof color options. Regardless of the type of roof you have or the pitch of the roof, these type of shingles will usually work well.


Because these shingles will hold up better and longer and look nicer, their price is higher than ordinary asphalt shingles. On average this type of shingle will cost 15% to 20% more than asphalt shingles will.

If you’re going to go with shingles for your home and you can afford the higher price, almost all homeowners will be more satisfied with the laminated shingles because they look nicer and they’ll hold up longer. Once a homeowner sees the dramatic difference these shingles have over the traditional asphalt shingles there will be no decision. There is no doubt that those that can get the laminated shingles will be pleased they did.


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