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The Different Types Of Roofing Frames? – Fishers

Roofing frame
Roofing frame

Roofing frames are usually constructed from wood, and they are used during the new construction or renovation of a residential structure. However, there are many different types of roofing frames and many aspects that make each unique with its own set of benefits. The main similarity between roofing frames is that their main job is to support the other materials that are used in the roof’s construction. They also support and help move the load of the roof to the exterior walls of the house.

The following is information about the different types of frames that are used in roofing as well as their common uses.

Bowstring Roof Frame

These frames are usually very large and have an arch. They are used to provide support to structures like warehouses, aircraft hangers and any other structure that needs to have large interior space. There are many beams that are used in the construction of these types of roofing frames, while sheets of materials or metal are used to make up the exterior part of the roof.

Types of roofing frames
Types of roofing frames


Gable Roof Frame

The gable roof frame is the simplest styles of frames used in roofing construction. This style is easily recognized because it looks like an upside down or inverted ‘V’. These roofs are not recommended for use in areas that are susceptible to high winds because they can become caught in the wind similar to a sail.

Dual Pitched Roof Frame

Dual-pitched roof Frame
Dual-pitched roof Frame

This is a traditional triangular roofing frame that has two sides that slope to the apex above. The struts in this frame are often called ‘upper chords’. They have attached the beam that helps make up the triangle’s base.

The upper chords of this frame are usually of different lengths. With one being longer than the other, the apex will be off-center. This is perfect for those who open space that is supported without visible poles

Flat Roof Frame

This is commonly seen on commercial buildings. This is also considered a simple roofing style because it has little or no pitch. Rubber roofing systems are the most commonly used systems in flat roofing construction.

These are the most common types of roofing frames. Always consult with a professional roofing contractor before selecting a roof for your home or business.

Gambrel Roof Frame

Gambrel roof frame
Gambrel roof frame

One of the best ways to describe this type of frame says it looks like a barn roof. In fact, this frame is commonly used in the construction of barn roofs. However, gambrel frames are also used in residential construction too. The main benefit of this type of frame is that it provides a lot of room in the upper or attic area.

Some homeowners who have gambrel frame roofs of their homes often convert the attic area into an additional bedroom or home office. Many choose to add large windows to the area to make it instantly look larger with natural light.

Gambrel frames have upper chords and one is longer than the other. These chords meet at the apex of the frame, similar to the dual pitch frame.


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